How do you know if you’ve met your soulmate? How do you know that this is “the one”?

I believe you have numerous soulmates and that everyone that walks into your life for a reason, a purpose and a lesson.

Some good, some bad.

How does love get stale? How come it’s so easy to just give up and pull out instead of fighting for what you want. Maybe because I have no idea what I want anymore.

I thought I had everything I’ve ever wanted, but now the picture is blurry. I can’t see straight. Am I at another fork in the road? So many directions I don’t know where to go. Left, right, straight. Everything I’ve worked for the past year do I throw away for something new? Will I always be questioning the “what if’s” instead of living by that everything happens for a reason.

For the first time in a long time, I just don’t know what I want.


5 in the morning.

📸: Myself

There is something so comforting about the air at sunrise. There is nobody around you, the day has just begun and the vibes outside are peaceful. Another new day is beginning. Take a moment. Breathe. Absorb. Be grateful. Despite anything that has happened the day before, the week before let it all go and rise again. Just like the sun.

When it feels like the rest of the world is sleeping and you’re the only one awake, peace and calming. The colours, the ocean it’s the tiniest thing in life and can make such an impact on your day.


The other night at my yoga class drifting off into the meditation world, the teacher said this quote to the class.


It was about doing something you love. As she was saying it I remember thinking to myself (firstly how long are we holding this pose for) and more importantly that is so inspiring. It hit me that I haven’t been so inspired or motivated in such a long time that I forgot how great of a feeling it was. Like a super power has taken over my body and I was ready to be in control. How can you expect yourself to change something how motivate others if you’re slacking in your own self inspiration.

I guess all the answers I may have been looking for was that Monday night on my yoga mat.

To whoever may read this,

Stay beautiful. Stay kind. Use your magic to make the world a better place. Use your inner powers to inspire yourself and those around you.



Do you ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed? I don’t think I have a case of the Mondays cause it’s my day off but everything today has just ticked my ticker in someway.

Everything about today has just increased my crankiness and that’s not healthy.

Coffee with friends and the most delicious veggie quesadilla I’ve ever eaten and I’m still in a funk.

At the gym burning and sweating out my anger. Still moody.

Talked to my dad. Might have made me more angry.

Finding out they are changing the defacto laws early next year (After spending this year stressing out to apply) DID NOT HELP AT ALL.

I wanna run away but my feet are locked.

I want to give up but I’m not a quitter.

I want to scream but my voice is small.

I don’t know what is causing this feeling I feel.

I’m so torn.

I’m lost and the map is gone.

I feel like apart of me is drowning and only I can save myself.

Does anyone ever have those days?

Working 9-5.

(Not actually though)

When we were young (well I used a lot younger than what we are at this current time), how great did we have it? Go to school, be with your friends, weekends off, summer break etc.

Now it’s work, work, work, work and little play.

I feel like even though I’m going to be 27 in a week, I’m stuck in my early twenties. I know so much more of who I am and what I want from life than before.

I wish I could be back in college, University, studying again, re-doing all the things that once scared me. Finding and re-inventing myself.

But I mean I guess that’s called growing up. Maturing, realising things, living life.

I don’t regret the path that I have taken because that has brought me here to this moment. Lying in bed, drinking coffee, listening to the birds sing as the sun shines through my window.

I have a great life and so far have lived a great life.

I have made mistakes, I have learned from those mistakes. I’ve taken chances, fell down and got myself back up again. Put myself out there, been rejected, fell in love, bought the ticket.

Most of all , I’m happy.

And that is what I believe matters the most.