Working 9-5.

(Not actually though)

When we were young (well I used a lot younger than what we are at this current time), how great did we have it? Go to school, be with your friends, weekends off, summer break etc.

Now it’s work, work, work, work and little play.

I feel like even though I’m going to be 27 in a week, I’m stuck in my early twenties. I know so much more of who I am and what I want from life than before.

I wish I could be back in college, University, studying again, re-doing all the things that once scared me. Finding and re-inventing myself.

But I mean I guess that’s called growing up. Maturing, realising things, living life.

I don’t regret the path that I have taken because that has brought me here to this moment. Lying in bed, drinking coffee, listening to the birds sing as the sun shines through my window.

I have a great life and so far have lived a great life.

I have made mistakes, I have learned from those mistakes. I’ve taken chances, fell down and got myself back up again. Put myself out there, been rejected, fell in love, bought the ticket.

Most of all , I’m happy.

And that is what I believe matters the most.


Overthinking kills.

Overthinking — the devil. However why do we do it? I am most guilty of being an over thinker. I over think everything.

My brain is constantly running wild with thoughts, ideas, scenarios, problem solving.

“Why, why, what, what, when, blahblahblah”

Brain shut up.