How do you know if you’ve met your soulmate? How do you know that this is “the one”?

I believe you have numerous soulmates and that everyone that walks into your life for a reason, a purpose and a lesson.

Some good, some bad.

How does love get stale? How come it’s so easy to just give up and pull out instead of fighting for what you want. Maybe because I have no idea what I want anymore.

I thought I had everything I’ve ever wanted, but now the picture is blurry. I can’t see straight. Am I at another fork in the road? So many directions I don’t know where to go. Left, right, straight. Everything I’ve worked for the past year do I throw away for something new? Will I always be questioning the “what if’s” instead of living by that everything happens for a reason.

For the first time in a long time, I just don’t know what I want.


Goodbye 2017.

Here we are, at the end of another book. The book of 365 pages with twelve different chapters.

Whatever made you happy, or angry, sad, got you to this moment right now. Congratulations we/you did it.

Take a moment to look back on everything that happened in the past year. All the great times and bad times have helped you and challenged you. Shaped you into the person you are right now at this time.

Isn’t it so funny looking back to the beginning of January at the start of this year how so many things have changed. How you have changed and grown.

Now were here ready to kick off another brand new year. We as the writer in our 2018 life novel have the options to do whatever we want and be whoever we want. Take as many chances, book the trip you want, live your dreams. Set goals and crush them. You are your boss. Embrace the new beginnings. Be happy. Spread love and joy into this world.

Happy 2018.

5 in the morning.

📸: Myself

There is something so comforting about the air at sunrise. There is nobody around you, the day has just begun and the vibes outside are peaceful. Another new day is beginning. Take a moment. Breathe. Absorb. Be grateful. Despite anything that has happened the day before, the week before let it all go and rise again. Just like the sun.

When it feels like the rest of the world is sleeping and you’re the only one awake, peace and calming. The colours, the ocean it’s the tiniest thing in life and can make such an impact on your day.


The other night at my yoga class drifting off into the meditation world, the teacher said this quote to the class.


It was about doing something you love. As she was saying it I remember thinking to myself (firstly how long are we holding this pose for) and more importantly that is so inspiring. It hit me that I haven’t been so inspired or motivated in such a long time that I forgot how great of a feeling it was. Like a super power has taken over my body and I was ready to be in control. How can you expect yourself to change something how motivate others if you’re slacking in your own self inspiration.

I guess all the answers I may have been looking for was that Monday night on my yoga mat.

To whoever may read this,

Stay beautiful. Stay kind. Use your magic to make the world a better place. Use your inner powers to inspire yourself and those around you.


Laughter IS the best medicine.

After my previous post I would like to inform you guys my mood has changed..

Maybe I had a better sleep last night, or maybe my morning coffee had extra pep or maybe I worked extra hard at the gym.

I 100% think it was because my sister and I (after I received her beautiful parcel in the mail) had one of those laugh so hard you cry moments. You know when you’re with your people and something only your circle understands and just finds so hilarious you laugh so hard until you’re in pain? And everything within that moment just goes out that window because of whatever happened that was so funny has your mind fully occupied. That anything that happened before that was so irrelevant and didn’t bother you so much because all those giggles cured you. Those are the littlest moments we need to grab and hold onto and cherish.

I can’t explain to you our conversation in what was SO funny because to you reading this A) would have no clue the hilarious of the situation and B) would think we are loopy.

ALWAYS ALWAYS remember to smile because I believe they are contagious and can change a persons day around. Tell a joke wherever you can. Make someone laugh. Say hello to a stranger.


Be optimistic.

Choose to be happy.

Photo from: American Hippy


Do you ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed? I don’t think I have a case of the Mondays cause it’s my day off but everything today has just ticked my ticker in someway.

Everything about today has just increased my crankiness and that’s not healthy.

Coffee with friends and the most delicious veggie quesadilla I’ve ever eaten and I’m still in a funk.

At the gym burning and sweating out my anger. Still moody.

Talked to my dad. Might have made me more angry.

Finding out they are changing the defacto laws early next year (After spending this year stressing out to apply) DID NOT HELP AT ALL.

I wanna run away but my feet are locked.

I want to give up but I’m not a quitter.

I want to scream but my voice is small.

I don’t know what is causing this feeling I feel.

I’m so torn.

I’m lost and the map is gone.

I feel like apart of me is drowning and only I can save myself.

Does anyone ever have those days?

Job. Career. Dreams.

The best Advice from my dad:

“You spend majority of your life at work. If you’re doing something you love then it’s not a job.”


I’m not the only one who has no idea what they want to do with their life career wise but hey I have a variety of ideas.

I put so much pressure on myself to have this beautiful journey of “life” sorted out. Honestly growing up I always thought come 25 I would be starting my family, owning my own home and already married.


I’m actually SO happy that was not how my life ended up.

I’ve studied 3 courses in college and I am not using any of those skills I paid for with everyday life, but I have so many memories looking back and I truly believe all those memories have helped shaped me into who I am today.

From reading my previous posts we know I’m a waitress and I do 100% know I want out of hospitality. I need a change. A break. A whole new ballgame. I want to expand my brain. Keep me interested. Push myself. Challenge.

Unfortunately not a lot of people will either A) hire me on a working visa and B) hire you without any experience.

So here I am… coming into the end of 2017 and ready to take on a fresh start with 2018. Ready to study online. Ready to really think my options and see what I want to try. Well… I’m the most indecisive human I know. I’m at another crossroad after making pros and cons lists on where to start and what to do.

My mom always pushed me into the direction of college and after completing Social work, Sales and Health care I need to leave her out of my career decision making dilemma.

Something I always wanted to do was communications and plan events or be a spokesperson for a massive industry that helps encourage the world to be a better place. But I don’t want to be in my 30s starting at the bottom of the chain (again with the age vs life’s pressures). Or what about being a journalist I love to write ( “that’s a dead end job”). Something that has become my newer hobby Yoga..why not start yoga Instructing (“there isn’t any money in that it should stay your hobby”).


(Not actually, obvi)

I guess we will have to hold tight and see what the rest of 2017 takes me and begin to be ready for 2018…at this moment in time it’s all a mystery.